Hustler lyrics hip hop

Hustler lyrics hip hop
Hustler lyrics hip hop
Hustler lyrics hip hop
Hustler lyrics hip hop

Hip Hop Hustle Lyrics: Yo, check it, yo / No doubt, kick in the door, crash through your house / Then kick my feet up, and just, crash on your couch / Controller.

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Hustler lyrics hip hop
Hustler lyrics hip hop

Hustlers Lyrics: Dre, he a Compton-Compton OG / Nas, he a QB-QB true G / Do the history / Way before The Firm, like back in the day Album Hip Hop Is Dead.

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Hustlers Convention: rap's great lost album

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Description:I can just accept that fact and not be upset? That's disrespect So I select to reflect on the subject I can correct the next project to be perfect [Li-Mouse] Aiyo, this shit, makes me wanna, spit, right now Knock everything out of my path with iron fists, like blaow Lose your hearing in my ears, like you was Foxy Hit me with everything, you won't get blood from rocks, be I will not, be one, with nothing in the cranium At first, they were nice, but now, we're training them For authentic combat, requires this massive knowledge No, this is impossible, to find in any college This is hip hop, nigga, yeah, that's what we do Everyday we getting bigger, watch how we go through Trials, tribulations, man, what struggles? But I'll rise like Pepsi and Coke, with them bubbles Then pop at the top, balloons in the stratosphere We don't spit darts no more, yo, Cno pass those spears It's definite, that we are utmost unstoppable You attempt, wristbands you receive from the hospital Trust me, I ain't one of those old time kids that rap Nor will I claim to have ever carried a strap But with that fact, I keep my mind in keen and intact Just in case I need to destroy you with a great big smack Across your cheek, nose, ears, eyes, and mouth Please don't provoke, don't choose such a deadly route Stop swinging, cuz one strike, man, with me, and you're out Front on me, man, fuck you, man, it's Mouse [Outro:

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